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Ultraslim interleaved hand towel

Why use Biomass?

Biomass is harvested from sustainable resources that are carefully selected for their Purity and Low environmental impact. Biomass contains 60% sugar cane pulp (a by-product of sugar production) and virgin paper pulp from controlled harvest plantations.

Rainforest Rescue- Protect rainforest forever.
We are proud to be associated with Rainforest Rescue. Every Biomass product sold contributes to planting a rainforest tree in the Australian Daintree forest. Help save this ecosystem.

Qty: 24 packs x 100 sheets. Each sheet is 24 x 37cm in length. The extra length towel will help reduce usage as only 1 towel is needed to dry hands. Compatible with KC 4456 & KC4457 towels
Code: 5230