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<p>Satin Insignia</p>

Satin Insignia

<p>Essense of Satin 520’s <br /> Cool black</p>

Essense of Satin 520’s
Cool black

<p>Metro toilet paper 440 sheets</p>

Metro toilet paper 440 sheets

<p>Classic Satin 400s</p>

Classic Satin 400s

<p>Satin Contempo <br />Toilet roll 400’s</p>

Satin Contempo
Toilet roll 400’s

<p>Satin 700 sheet Toilet paper</p>

Satin 700 sheet Toilet paper

<p>Couture 3-ply toilet paper</p>

Couture 3-ply toilet paper

<p>Biomass Toilet paper</p>

Biomass Toilet paper

<p>Green Earth <br /> recycled toilet paper</p>

Green Earth
recycled toilet paper

<p>Satin facial tissues <br /> Cool black </p>

Satin facial tissues
Cool black

<p>Satin Contempo <br /> Cube tissues</p>

Satin Contempo
Cube tissues

<p>Metro facial tissues 100’s </p>

Metro facial tissues 100’s

<p>Metro facial tissues 200’s</p>

Metro facial tissues 200’s

<p>Minimalist Facial tissues</p>

Minimalist Facial tissues

<p>Envirocane slimline towels <br /> made from sugar cane pulp</p>

Envirocane slimline towels
made from sugar cane pulp

<p>Ultraslim interleaved hand towel </p>

Ultraslim interleaved hand towel

<p>Compact interleaved towel </p>

Compact interleaved towel

<p>TAD compact towel</p>

TAD compact towel

<p>Metro TAD interleave towel</p>

Metro TAD interleave towel

<p>Pocket facial tissues</p>

Pocket facial tissues

<p>Coloured napkins</p>

Coloured napkins

<p>Roll Towel</p>

Roll Towel

<p>Centrefeed towel</p>

Centrefeed towel

<p>Kitchen towels</p>

Kitchen towels

<p>Jumbo roll - Satin range</p>

Jumbo roll - Satin range

<p>110% brand Interleaved<br /> Toilet paper</p>

110% brand Interleaved
Toilet paper