aboutus_bar003.jpgCreators of Designer paper products and Hotel guest amenities. Welcome to the World of Promocean Australia. Our humble Australian company was established in 1996, after identifying a need from consumers seeking an alternative to the highly priced branded products and bland packaging. Unlike other companies that simply “ follow the leaders”, we at Promocean Australia are constantly innovating and challenging the current status quo. Afterall, we are a Design Company.

The results have been a development of the most beautiful range of paper products and hotel guest amenities in the world. We have our own in house design team that seek out the very best in design from Australia and abroad, so you can always be assured that the products you are using are the very latest in design and style. This package would not be complete without our Obsession for service. It is not a word we use lightly. To us it means understanding your business, helping you be more competitive and tailoring solutions that suit you best. And it means that you can trust our commitment to dedicated service support. You will never feel forgotten once you come on board. So why not take a chance for the “better” and experience first hand what many corporate clients have secretly known for years.

We welcome interstate and overseas enquiries.